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Yes, I have exposed it to the sun, multiple times after each needling session, and have needled around the white areas and then into the white areas. I have done this over 10 times  over a period of 20 months.

Should I now stop doing this since I am not getting the results?

When would be a good time to stop needling if my hypopigmentation is not repigmenting? This is a result of laser tattoo removal. I have had some spots return to normal after single needling and dermastamping, but mostly, the skin becomes red, may flake off and I still have white skin. I have done this numerous times and not sure if I should continue.
Is is a year, 2 years, 6 months? Thanks.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Re: Electric needling device caused me scars
« on: December 21, 2012, 10:17:04 AM »
I understand this forum is to promote and educate consumers about your products and doing it in a safe way. I have been using your products and will continue to buy them because they have not caused me any problems.
I do not know anything about Dermapen except what I read on this site. Many paramedical tattooists and plastic surgeons who are making referrals to paramedical tattooists (to treat scars, wrinkles, etc) are advocating the use of electric machines along with dermarolling. Why are they advertising that it does not cause damage to the skin? I am living proof that electric devices can cause tearing and scarring.
Maybe if I need support I need to go to, as I feel incredibly alone in this process and know it was not something I caused. I checked this persons credentials, made sure she was trained, and also a registered nurse. No one should ever attempt to do electric needling on their own, and neither with a professional. My results are evidence of that. Although my skin has significantly gotten better (aside from the shiny scar tissue left behind in certain spots and linear needle marks) my hope is that dermastamping or single needling will help improve that.
With dermarolling I have never had skin look like it does in the picture I uploaded.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Electric needling device caused me scars
« on: December 20, 2012, 11:37:39 AM »
I have posted on this board before after having some success with my hypopigmentation after laser tattoo removal (only white skin, not surface scar tissue) after a professional needling treatment with an electric machine. I since moved to a new area and found a licensed esthetician and RN who was trained to do needling. Unfortunately she was too aggressive and I scarred. Here is  a picture immediately after the procedure. Then  about 6 weeks later. The reddened areas are actual scar tissue although difficult to see due to the lighting in the picture. I also have needle marks (indentations) where she was moving the tool vertically on my skin. I believe she went over the same areas too much, causing the skin to tear? I do not know, but know she was way too aggressive. I am devastated but want to know is and when I can start needling (this time by myself) the scar tissue. Ironically the needling caused the scar tissue but hope that re-needling it should help it. I dont know what to do but very sad. The worst part is she is blaming me, saying I caused the scarring. I took very good care of the area afterwards and she was irresponsible.
I am not trying to scare anyone, because I do believe in needling. But needling with an electric machine is more intense and dont want this to happen to anyone else.

Dermarolling / Microneedling / Hypopigmentation picture posted on RealSelf
« on: February 15, 2012, 06:21:20 AM »
The picture of the woman with the hypopigmentation after laser (posted on your website) is also posted on RealSelf with the same picture, and has message threads that the hypopigmentation still exists.  If you go to the lasers or hypopigmentation section on RealSelf you can see the needling did not work for her.


I have been left with several hypopigmented areas from laser tattoo removal, spaced years apart. The longest I have had hypo in one area was for 16 years. Over the years,some  spots pigmented on their own but still very obvious since now it looks splotchy. In 2000, I went to a cosmetic tattooist who added pigment to some of the areas to blend it. The color had faded over a few years  since it wasnt placed as deeply as a regular tattoo. But I noticed that the area that was cosmetically tattooed had repigmented on its own. So I had a few other injuries on the hypo areas that repigmented after an injury, for example. I got a spider bite and the pigment returned. I also cut myself with my razor on my leg and the pigment returned once it healed. I have been using a dermaroller and have noticed some small improvement, with color returning gradually in some spots. But have ordered the single needles as I also believe that would me more effective. I think Sarah is correct, but will try and will know for certain when I get them in the mai and begin the processl.

I strongly believe that (at least in my case)  the melanin is not completely destroyed b/c then no melanin would have returned to the area. I like to hope and think it is more dormant than completely destroyed.

My personal  experience has shown me that needling or skin injury causes some inflammation to regain pigment.

I initially purchased the 1.5 mm dermaroller for my hypopigmentation from laser tattoo removal but am also using it on my face. I think the single needles may be better for addressing the hypopigmented areas. The roller has shown some slight improvement for those areas, but its rolling over a larger area rather than the spots. I recently ordered the single needles and am waiting for them to arrive so I can start the process.

However, the biggest improvement worth writing about is the improvement on my face. The pain is unbearable for me, but after 1 week I noticed my skin was smoother and tighter.

I have only rolled twice in 2 months- the cheek area to the right and left of my nose.  I cannot do my entire face at once b/c of the pain. I was seriously considering laser resurfacing, but not willing to drop the money and risk another bad experience. There are too many bad experiences.

I believe  microneedling is  one of the best things to recommend for those who have acne scarring and large pores. Especially if you have thick skin that looks like an orange peel. I dont have pictures to post, but I think it is worth trying if you want a safer alternative to laser treatment. Once I get the single needles and dermastamp in the mail I will post more about the hypopigmentation.

I have hope b/c I noticed that when I get a cut or something to cause inflammation in the hypopigmented areas, the pigment returns permanently. It seems to trigger the melanin back to the area. I was also bit by a spider in one of the areas and once it healed it healed with pigment. Pretty amazing!

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