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So my skin is pretty bad. I'm a 25 year old woman and need help with scarring, rough texture, and lack of elasticity in my cheeks. I have had acne on and off since I was about 13. From the ages of 19-23 was probably the time my skin was the clearest because of a radical shift in my diet and devotion to skincare, but I would still break out. During a two month period last year, I was financially strained, and was not able to eat well and my skin revolted with a vengeance resulting in a nonstop bout of cystic acne, which left my skin rough and scarred. The cystic acne died down quite a bit, but I still have some going on along with whiteheads/blackheads, as can see from my pics.

I read over your dermarolling manual and it said not to use dermaneedling on SEVERE active acne. Is the acne in my pics too severe to dermaroll over? I can wait if it is but am I not allowed to have any pimples/acne when I dermaroll, or is a certain amount acceptable??? I also was having a hard time telling if I had mostly scarring or just large pores.

And I was trying to figure out what instrument(s) I should use. I bought a 1.0mm dermaroller for the time being, haven't used it yet. I was thinking of getting a 1.5 dermastamp as well. I know this is a dermaneedling forum, but would chemical peels be a good for me??

And if you could critique my current regimen below, that would be great!!

-2-3X per day wash face with mild cleanser (dove, cetpahil, etc) or honey/olive oil. Sometimes I incorporate a bit of baking soda into the cleansers.
-Clinique's exfoliating toner after I wash (not every time, sometimes)
-Moisture with gentle moisturizer (cetaphil, cerave) and layer on SPF 30 mineral sunscreen over it
-Retin-A Micro (.04%) every other night.
Biweekly, give myself a facial (steam, toner, mask)

Oh, and FYI, I ordered some ingredients to make my own Vitamin C serum as well so I will be using that on nights I don't use Retin-A!!

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