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I am using the 1.5mm Dermaroller, 1.0mm Deramstamp, Infadolan available from the store. Also [Deleted] Tretinoin 0.025 (which I already had prior to dermarolling).

I am excited but underestimated rolling on the face for the first time. It was tough, and it left residual red spots over my face. I'm hoping in a few days it will go away. I'm too embarrassed to tell colleagues I've been dermarolling, that I say it is some allergic reaction.

I am now following the regimen suggested by Sarah Vaughter in

I was wondering about a few things:
  • Is there a reason that Infadolan is applied in the morning and Vit-C at night?
  • Even applying miniscule amounts of Infadolan, my face feels and moreso looks greasy. How soon does it take for the vitamins to be abosrbed? Is it okay to use apply isopropyl rubbing alcohol to clean off the greasy face?
  • Similar to the previous question, is it okay to apply isopropyl rubbing alcohol to my face when I want to wipe off greasiness? Will it negate the effects if I perform it after I apply a syrum, lotion, or ointment?

Thanks in advance for the assistance, and good luck to everyone.

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