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To anyone reading this, IME it is absolutely imperative to take the time to lift the roller and I wouldnt go  go too fast either, were talking about your skin.Back in the day I  gave myself some nice little drag/trackmarks from not lifting the roller at the end ( it was with a  crap roller also though which I suspect was yet another problem). Im fixing them now with owndocs products and method, but yea follow the instructions on here and you will see results.

No problem, I couldnt imagine answering all these on this forum myself so take your time Im in no hurry.

Hi Sarah, I have been stamping with the 1.5mm stamp every 4-5 weeks for about 6 months and also using your single needles on some wrinkles and scarring at the same time. A few of my wrinkles have responded very well but I have one dreaded wrinkle that I hate that has formed across the bridge of my nose about where glasses would sit that has been pretty resistant. It seems no matter what I do it just keeps getting deeper and longer as time goes on.

I also have atrophic scarring that I am having to be patient with, because while they are getting shallower, like you said can sometimes happen they are also getting wider. I also  have a linear or line like scar (I guess you would call it) that is shallower after stamping but the line itself is getting  longer and longer.When I think about it this makes sense, but when I look at other before and after pictures it looks like most seem to just level out while my scars always seem to expand quit a bit first.

My questions are, what is the best treatment for a wrinkle on the bridge of the nose that you would suggest? I have also been using Ifadalon,vitamin C and just a generic form of retinol.I was wondering if the single liner might work better?I also havnt really been doing a 0.5 or 1mm in between the 1.5mm. Do you think adding that to my protocol would make a difference?

Also, is it normal for even the line like scars to appear longer while they are lifting and can even wrinkles do this to a certain extent or just scars?As for atrophic scarring can  they ever be fully leveled to the surface?Thanks for the help and sorry so many questions, again great improvement on the overall look of my face, I just need to make sure Im doing the best thing for my resistant parts.(:

 I def will. I also forgot to mention that at first I was somewhat afraid to go over my  rolling and icepick ( that is now rolling as well) scarring with  the stamp. I was afraid of making them wider again which I know is normal with atrophic scarring as in the past that is what happened with mine. Instead I was going to just do one at a time just so I wouldnt freak out so much and see what happened. Well you know I thought I was just going over my other scars with approx a 0.5 mm stamp while using the 1.5 mm, but apparently I have been pressing harder and doing closer to a 1mm on those too because they also seem shallower and really if they are getting wider its to a point where they are just looking better  and not just wider. I see you just got in a 0.5 mm stamp now so Ill be ordering.

Because I had also gotten what I think was dragmarks in the past  from other rollers with larger needles and where there was a back and forth movement instead of lifting at the end of a pass, I was afraid to use a roller again.I think with the method you have on your site of now lifting the roller at the end instead, combined with quality needles I can be reasonably secure in going back to the roller now. I love the stamp but I think with the right method the roller might be even a bit easier.As things move along I will post a thread of my success very soon  with or without the pics. Thanks again!

I have used the 1.5 dermastamp before without using the mask and reacted well. I was actually thinking that when I tried to do a 0.5 mm it must have penetrated  deeper because their were a couple spots that drew a bit of blood. I know that is a sign it may have even reached the dermis but  by the end of the next day my skin did return back to normal and has been looking really nice so far. There was even a small like cyst or something that had been under my skin for a while that it even got rid of. I will take your advice and apply it a day or so afterward though because as you said I too think it must have went a bit deeper than 0.5.

I have tried needling and dermarolling before with other needles  and with not as clearly laid out methods and had  some pretty bad results.I actually got small little holes all over my face once from a dermarolling session.  I was really scared to try it again but as soon as I started using your needles and method I have to say my skin has made a complete turnaround. I am 37 years old and while my lines are not really deep yet I would say that they have improved about 25 percent. The overall texture and thickness of my skin seems to be improved by even more than that and I have only needled about 3 times with 1.5 mm, and about three times with approx 0.5 while also using the Infadolan and homemade  vitamin C.

I only wish I had found this site before because I went through quite a bit or misinformation and undue skin trauma before finding it.I took some before pics of my skin but had a hard time getting them to turn out right. I just couldnt seem to get the right lighting. I think it has been the right combination of products with your detailed instructions on how to use them that has made all the difference in the world, (and oh yea, your prices cant be beat either)! (:

Hi Sarah, I have searched for this and have came close but havent quite found the exact answer I was looking for.I have read on here that copper peptides can cause some redness and may be  a little too strong for some skin to take after rolling. Last night I rolled with what I would  guesstimate was around a 0.5 mm, I just use my 1.5 dermastamp and dont press all the way. Afterwards, I applied a small amount of copper peptides and then Infadalon a little later. Anyways, all was well but later as the night went on my skin started not just going redder as was kinda expected, but then began really throbbing.

I even went and kept putting ice on it to cool it off cause it felt like there was alot of inflammation. Lets just say it felt like the peptides were REALLY going to work in there and I can attest to there being  some potent ingredients in the mask,lol. It is still a little red and still feels tender just like I got a mild TCA or something or a good sunburn.  I suppose I have too sensitive skin to use it after rolling and should  put the mask on a day or two after I roll like you suggest instead.

My question is, is the intense throbbing and sensitivity I had normal? Do you think my skin will get more used to it at some point so I can then start putting on after I roll? Thanks and btw, Im having great success thus far with your products and your method!

Thanks Sarah,would you also recomend temporarily  ceasing any fish oil supplementation  for some time before and after needling for inflammation reasons?

Okay sorry I found the explanation for how hidden scars can be uncovered, I guess my only question now would be if you think the cod liver oil could have caused any complications.I will make sure to better use the search engine next time and cluttering up the forum.

Sorry I know this looks goofy but I dont know how to edit posts on here. Because I know posting questions to answers that can already be found is against forum rules I thought I might add that I realized that my formula most likely had the strong anti-inflammatory in it ( cod liver oil) hence at least somewhat negating the full effect of collagen regrowth. I just dont know if that would have really hurt anything or just not really helped... okay I think added everything now!(;

Also, I just realized after reading more about it on here that what I have been using which was A&D ointment is not the same as Infadolan. I will order some of yours asap, however do you think this could have caused me any problems? Here was the exact formula of the one that I was  using...

Active Ingredients: Contains: Petrolatum (53.4% - Skin Protectant), Lanolin (15.5% - Skin Protectant)

Inactive Ingredients: Cod Liver Oil (contains Vitamin A & Vitamin D), Fragrance (Parfum), Light Mineral Oil, Microcrystalline Wax, Beeswax (Apis Mellifera)

Hi Sarah, I have read in another thread you have posted on here that sometimes needling or rolling can uncover scars that were hidden. Im hoping thats what is going on with me. I have stamped about 2 times with 1.5 mm and twice with the same tool but not pressing too hard so as to make it about a 0.5/1.0 mm two weeks in between. I also use retinol, infaladon, vitamin C and castor oil on my skin.Overall  I think my skin looks better, but this last week when I got a little closer to the mirror there are some new depressions that I am pretty certain I have not seen before.

I cant imagine  how stamping could have caused these particular depressions just out of the blue. I dont think scars can form that quickly and If it were my technique I would think I would be seeing these depressions all over my face which I dont. Like I said I also think my  skins looking better so I was wondering if you could perhaps give me a simple explanation as to how stamping or rolling could uncover hidden scarring underneath maybe I can put my mind at rest. Or, if you have any thoughts on what I should do Id love to hear that as well. Thanks so much!

Thanks so much for clearing all that up for me, I was applying Infaladon first.. good to know that, Ill make sure to reverse that now.

Hi Sarah, I have a few dark spots and freckles on my face that I have been lightening with hydroquinone for some time that have lightened but some have also been resistant. Last night I spot treated a few wrinkles, scars and dark spots with the 1.5 mm dermastamp and followed it up with Infaladon but also but some fade cream or hydroquinone just on the dark spots. I went back and realized I must have read your instructions wrong because I see the hydroquinone is only suggested to be applied after a 0.5 or a 1mm roll is that correct? Now that I think about it perhaps applying hydroquinone after a 1.5 stamp on dark spots may be a bit too aggressive, if so how long should I wait?I also didnt know that I should be taking breaks wityh hydroquinone which I will now start doing as well. Also, although it takes 7-10 days for the skin to heal will changes in the skin still take place after this period?Thankyou very much for your help!

I havnt ever been on accutane before but I suspect that my poor outcome was due to a combination of perhaps improper technique along with needles that were way too big. I now see how stupid it was to buy a roller off of ebay, as like I said the needles were much wider than what your needles are.Unfortunately, I got my technique and knowledge of what to do off of a site where everyone pretty much goes by trial and error which led to my use of diabetic lancets. What you explained makes much more sense to me now for why those should never be used.I would like to report that I used your single needle on my forehead wrinkles and the results have been really fantastic so far. I wish I had known about your products from the very beginning. Im sure they would have saved me from much undo grief. Ill def order your dermstamp and test one scar. I suspect that the combination of no dragging and smaller needles is going to give me good results, I will just make sure to be more cautious this time.

Thankyou so much for answering my questions in such a thorough manner.I really appreciate your site, great products and excellent prices!

Hi Sarah, a couple years ago I self needled with a diabetic lancet and used a roller I bought off of ebay( I learned  the hard way from my mistakes). While the needling did cause my individual scars to rise, because they were icepicks I only ended up with wider and more noticable scars. When I rolled with the roller I got off ebay, I ended up with small scarred holes all over my face.I had also applied retin-a on my face right after rolling so dont know if that could have had somthing to do with the poor turnout as well.

After reading your roller instruction guide there were several factors that I have realized made my experience turn out so bad. My technique was back and forth which I think left drag marks and since buying some of your single needles for my forehead eleven lines, I see that your needles are MUCH smaller in diameter than the ones on the roller or lancets that I used. I have since tested your single needles out on a wrinkle and had good success.I have been very nervous to try this again and am going to take it very slow but I think a stamp might be better in my case to avoid any possible drag marks.

My question is, does this sound plausible as to what caused my negative experience and would you advise avoiding stamping old icepicks that widened from the individual needles?

 My last question is I cant seem to find where to buy your Chloramine T solution on your webpage( I found it the other day but now it seems to be gone).I know you said not to use the 70 percent as it might loosen the needles and dont want to take a chance and I cant find where to buy ethanol or methanol .. it was a bit confusing and Id rather just buy your stuff.Thanks so much!

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