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Author Topic: White/pink Indented Round Scar on Chest from Cyst Removal and Dermarolling  (Read 3076 times)


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I had a cyst removed on my chest a couple of years ago. I naturally have tan freckled skin and the scar is about a quarter sized circle that is pinkish but looks white at times. It is slightly indented but overall smooth. I have heard about dermarolling and was wondering if this would be a good option for me. I have tried Tazorac and other scar treatments to no avail. Any advice would be really appreciated!


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Here is a pic of the scar. What do you recommend I get? A dermastamp or roller?


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Re: White/pink Indented Round Scar on Chest from Cyst Removal and Dermarolling
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My reply here also applies to your scar:

If you are unlucky and microneedling will not permanently improve your pigmentation, you can at least stamp the scar prior to those occasions when you want to wear cloting with a low décolleté. Stamping will make the scar less visible. Whether the improvement is going to be temporary or permanent is individual. Not everybody's skin reacts the same, unfortunately.
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