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Author Topic: What do you recomend for an Atrophic scar on the Left cheek only?  (Read 7948 times)


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None of these pictures are of me. I have a small atrophic scar on left cheek. I got it as a result of dieting. I lost too much weight and my left cheek got a scar as a result. I quit dieting and my weight is back to normal now.

Problem is th atrophic scar wont go away. It makes left cheek look hollow. Theres a small indent that looks somewhat like a dimple. I have already brought a 1.0 mm dermarroller, copperpeptide, vitamin c and tea tree oil. I have done it for 2 weeks. The scar  is less noticeable now but the indented, depressed hole is still there.

What do you recommend I do?

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Mine looks like this but not quite as bad but still noticeable. The area is about this size but in the lower mouth area.

Another example of what it looks like

See the circled indented, depressed line that looks like  dimple. I have that. It comes from the scar. I want to elevate that line or make it disappear.

It makes my left cheek look like this. When I stretch the cheek where the depressed, indented, dimple like is at, My face looks normal.


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Re: What do you recomend for an Atrophic scar on the Left cheek only?
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Dieting does not cause scars but maybe the subcutaneous fat that lays just below the skin disappeared even though this should neither happen with dieting, certainly not locally, in one spot. Microneedling cannot trigger fat production so if the fat is missing in that spot, microneedling will not help.

If you indentation looks like in the last photo that you posted (where a big part of the cheek is indented), microneedling will not fix it. The structures under the skin are missing/impaired.

What could have also happened is that there has always been a scar and when you lost weight, the scar just became more visible because with dieting, the skin went from normal to "deflated" and that makes the scar more wrinkly. In this case, use a 1.5 mm dermastamp.
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