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Video with proper dermarolling technique

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One of our experienced customers has made a owndoc dermarolling information video for us in which she demonstrates the correct dermarolling techniques.

Our very extensive dermaneedling instructions (PDF)

Please note that she is not moving the roller sideways a few mm, every roll, contrary to our recommendations. The pupose of the video is to show the correct technique (lifting the roller after every rolling motion). The slightly-sideways positioning is used on larger skin surfaces. All that counts is to achieve sufficient prick density. As long as any star patterns are avoided, you can use any other method to achieve sufficient prick density. We suggest moving sideways a few mm after every roll, but on smaller skin patches on the face that may not be practical.

I have seen other videos using faster, back and forth motions.  Is this okay?  I'm afraid I would become very tired of doing this if I have to do it so slowly and deliberately.

It's OK as long as you lift the roller after every roll.

To anyone reading this, IME it is absolutely imperative to take the time to lift the roller and I wouldnt go  go too fast either, were talking about your skin.Back in the day I  gave myself some nice little drag/trackmarks from not lifting the roller at the end ( it was with a  crap roller also though which I suspect was yet another problem). Im fixing them now with owndocs products and method, but yea follow the instructions on here and you will see results.

Thank you for writing about your experience, Truvision.


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