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Author Topic: Titanium oxide in makeup, Keloid scarring during healing process  (Read 2770 times)


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Titanium oxide in makeup, Keloid scarring during healing process
« on: February 07, 2010, 03:46:27 PM »
> And, I have a couple of questions:  May I use a liquid make-up with

  > titanium oxide 2-3 days after rolling, or would I risk absorbing

  > titanium.


    If you roll with 1.5 mm and do this quite vigorously then I would recommend

you to roll on Friday evening and put makeup on Monday morning for work.

This to avoid interfering with the healing process, not because the Titanium oxide is a threat.

Metallic Titanium might be risky in/on open skin, hence our article with reference to a study that

shows such risk, and our recommendation not to use dermarollers with (alleged..) Titanium needles.

However, Titanium oxide has been proven to be totally inert and harmless.


    >Next question: How long after I "single needle" a test scar will I know

>if I am healing in the correct manner, or am having abnormal healing?


  When the redness is gone and the skin look healed then you basically know

  you heal well. I cannot tell you exactly how many days the healing process

  takes because it depends how deep and dense you go with the needle.

  Anything between two and ten days.


  Abnormal healing is a very rare condition when even a minor injury heals in

  the form of hyperthropic scar or a keloid scar.


  While most people never form keloids, others develop them after minor

  injuries, even insect bites or pimples.  That condition is very rare and if

  you have it you would likely already be aware of it.
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