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Author Topic: Scars on inside wrists  (Read 4645 times)


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Scars on inside wrists
« on: December 29, 2011, 09:58:51 AM »
As a teenager (15 years ago) I indulged in a bit of "cutting" or "self harming". I have attached a picture of the scars. They are quite embarrassing to me as an adult - I don't want people seeing them and thinking I am emo or unstable.

I am worried to needle them because they are slightly raised. I don't know what keloid scars look like, but I don't think mine are raised enough to be keloid. Will needling over these scars cause any further damage? The skin on my inner wrist is very thin. I have just purchased the 1.5mm roller for my stretchmarks and reducing these scars too would be a bonus. Does anyone know whether I should needle them?


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Scars on inside wrists
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2011, 01:08:34 PM »
Your scars are not keloids. I think you have good chance in making your scars much less visible.


  You should definitely needle them but do not needle deep (needle about 0.5 mm or less).

  Needle all your scars densely every ten days. Your goal is to crush the hardened collagen bundles (scar tissue).


  To make the needling easier, safer and more efficient in this very thin-skinned area, the best way is to lift the skin between your fingers and then needle it but you cannot do this yourself. Someone would have to lift the skin for you or perform the needling while you are lifting the skin and I am not sure whether you would mind to ask someone. If you do not want to ask for assistance, buy a 1.5 mm one-liner dermaroller and target the scars. Needling is the most intensive treatment for scars but a one liner is also very efficient. Do not apply much pressure on the roller.

Whatever you use, do a test patch first to see how it heals.


  Perform pressure massage but only on the scars that are raised:


- After needling, apply pressure with your fingers onto the scar spot by spot. Apply pressure to each spot quite strongly for about 20 seconds.

Repeat the pressure massage daily (but only once in ten days in combination with needling).


  Once a month, roll the entire area with your regular 1.5 mm dermaroller (that you bought for stretch marks) but do not apply much pressure on the roller.


  Please keep us informed how it goes.
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