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ACNE SCARS on dark skin before and after dermaneedling

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Hello all!
I'm new to the world of dermarolling and just had some questions about where I should start. So for starters Ive had acne since my teenage years but began to clear up as I got older. Just 3 years ago I suffered a terrible breakout and ended up having to go to the dermatologist.  Although it has since cleared, I have been left with acne scars. Theyre not too bad but they are still noticeable and at times effect my self esteem. I would love to go back to having smooth skin.

I am currently using a gentle cleanser 2x daily and retin-a, along with a cleansing brush at night. I was wondering how I would be able to incorporate dermarolling into my routine. 

I was also wanting to know which needle length would be best for my scars.  Ive included some pictures so you can get a better idea of whats going on.

Note from Sarah: we updated this posting to have the before and after pictures

Welcome to the forum PicturePerfect

First of all, it was like looking in the mirror once I seen your pics. Our scars are very similiar. Not severe but noticible and makeup won't help because all it does it seep into the indentations :( This was the main reason I set out to find something that would help improve my complexion.

Have you gotten a chance to read through Sarah's pdf instructions? Lots of good info there and would be a great place to start with educating yourself about needling. Sarah will give you her recommendations and that will get you pointed in the right direction but also read through the other posts and search the net on nutrition and wound healing. I'm taking additional supplelments like a multi, vitamin c, vit e, zinc, and recently added MSM to my treatment and even though I'm fairly early with my own needling sessions I'm already seeing improvement in my scars. 

You've come to the right place just read as much as you can, be good to yourself, and you should be just perfect :)

Good luck on your journey and Happy Healing;)

I will answer the OP a bit later.


First I want to say thanks for the suggestions ans encouragement. I am ready to start my journey to "picture perfect" skin lol. Its nice to know someone that is starting out with the same degree of scars. We should definitely keep track of our progress n help encourage each other. I think thatll definitely help make this journey alittle easier ;)
N I do agree, makeup doesn't really help. It does to a certain extent but in certain types of light. I am currently taking a multivitamin. I used to take msm but slacked off on taking it. I need to get some more so I can start taking it again. The same for vitamin e.

I have read the instructions, as well as, alot of the posts. There is ALOT of great info on needling and the products to use.  The site is very informative, especially when reading others' experiences.  How long have you been needling?


You are most welcome :) and of course I'm willing to offer support, tips, and any new or interesting info I come across to help on this journey we are both on. The encouragement alone just puts you in a positive frame of mind :) I actually tried needling in 2011 but I wasn't being consistent enough to get any real results. My diet was horrible so I wasn't taking care of myself and I was still breaking out occasionally. And to top it off I was smoking which is a big no no! January 2013 I vowed that this was going to be the year I started taking better care of myself because my complexion really really got me down. I finally quit smoking in February,  started my supplements, and began needling seriously the first weekend in May 2013.  I'm documenting my progress on this site as well so check out my pictures when you have time. Also, feel free to email me and I can send you some links that I came across that you may be interested in and some details of what I'm doing just in case you would like to know. I've gotten all of my needling tools from Owndoc but my supplements I've purchased from other vendors.

I get pretty passionate about this subject so I can go on and on but I'll end it here. I'm very happy for you taking this first step. Just remember the body has an amazing ability to heal itself just give it what it needs to do its job :)

Stay in touch and happy healing :)


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