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Author Topic: Newbie with Questions...  (Read 2966 times)


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Newbie with Questions...
« on: May 04, 2011, 05:34:45 PM »
I'm a Black American female with a very fair (yellow) complexion. I use to have acne and still have occasional breakouts but my acne is under control. I currently take spironolactone to keep it under control. I've had some little "holes" on my cheeks that some say are dilated pores or large scarred pores. They aren't too deep (look ok when stretched out) but they are noticeable and don't match the rest of my skin. I call them pits and while there are products thast minimize my "pores" these holes that I'm referring to usually remain the same so I think they are scars.  I've done 12% and 20% TCA peels at home in the past which helped even my skin tone and made the holes a little less noticeable. After a few peels, I stopped and months later the holes looked more obvious again and I've noticed a few more popping up over the last year.

I have very oily skin but I've recently stated doing weekly 30% glycolic peels at home and that is helping to minimize the pores and brighten my skin. There are two "holes" close together on my cheek that bother me the most and several smaller ones in the same area surrounding those two. Does the dermastamp sound more suitable for this since the area is small? How often would I need to stamp? Also, I plan to use  Vitamin C serum to enhance results from the peel and the stamping. I have castor oil and a super copper peptide (bought that two years ago but still have a 1/2 bottle of it) ... is that good to use directly after stamping?


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Newbie with Questions...
« Reply #1 on: May 07, 2011, 02:41:56 PM »
Dermarolling or dermastamping is successful in reducing or improving scars but unfortunately it seems it doesn't do much for pore size. Pores are ducts in the skin and their size is in our genes.


  You cannot change that. So far I have not heard success stories from our customers concerning reducing their pores. (They report improvements in scars or pigmentation etc but not in pores).


  There are currently no methods that can significantly and permanently reduce pore size. Acid peels in some cases reduce pore size but only temporarily.


  Some (not many) customers even wrote me that after laser treatment (intended to reduce pore size), they ended up with larger pores than prior to treatment.

  If you have scars, there is a big chance for improvement but if you have "just" pores, the chance is small.


  Yes, a dermastamp seems more suitable than a dermaroller in your case. You can use it every day but do not stamp the same scar more than once a month.


No, vit. C should not be applied right after dermarolling with long needles. It is acidic and it would sting.


  Apply vit. C two or three times a week for general skin care (vit. C is very important for the skin). Apply it also for four consecutive days prior to dermarolling or dermastamping to achieve maximum skin levels for the day of treatment.


  Restart applying 2 days after dermarolling and apply it two or three times a week. Vit. C is sensitive to light so apply it before you go to bed.


  A copper peptide mask can be applied right after dermarolling but some customers ended up with temporary red skin, Do a test patch on a small skin area to see how your skin reacts if applied right after dermarolling.
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