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Author Topic: Losing weight and Dermarolling body parts (during or after)?  (Read 2818 times)


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I have some stretch marks on my upper arms and lower legs that I would like to roll/needle. But, I do need/want to lose some weight (weight gain caused most of my stretch marks).

I was just wondering if maybe I should wait until I have lost the weight first and then start rolling those areas? or would it be ok to roll during my weight loss journey?

I guess it's probably a case of it wont really matter what way I do it... but I was just curious if you maybe thought derma rolling during or after weight loss might be better/worse.



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Losing weight and Dermarolling body parts (during or after)?
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2010, 02:33:08 PM »
Hi Chrystal,

   A relief to read your full question because when I read the title, I thought it was about dermarolling as a weight loss method which of course doesn't work.. :)

When I read those claims on how dermarolling will reverse gray hair, make stretchmarks and cellulite fully and quickly disappear and so on, I get frustrated because when people have unrealistic expectations, they will be disappointed.

I always try to inform our customers to the best of my ability, and of course I don't know everything. Dermarolling is a relatively new method and many aspects of it are not yet fully clear to anyone.

Regarding your question: It is OK to roll during weight loss. No

  What is very important is that you do not fluctuate too much in weight.
Significant weight fluctuations usually causes stretchmarks and the skinĀ“s elasticity suffers. As to stretch marks: It is better to be steadily overweight than going frequently very much up and down in weight.

  So if you might not be able to keep the lost
               weight off, then better think twice about losing a lot of weight because if you gain it back you might end up with more stretchmarks.

Good luck!
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