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Title: instructions for dermastamp
Post by: lagale on September 01, 2012, 12:35:32 PM
Can you tell me exactly what type of scars are best treated by the dermastamp?  Do wrinkles (vertical lines around the upper lip) also react favorably to this or is this best treated by the single needle?   I have superficial scarring and some indentations (not the ice pick scars).  By using the dermastamp, does this produce collagen in the area so that they are less indented?   Thank you.
Also is there a video that actually shows how to properly do the dermastamp?
Title: Re: instructions for dermastamp
Post by: salma on September 01, 2012, 02:36:57 PM
Boxscars and ice pick scars are best to treat with the dermastamp. Ice pick scars are best treated with TCA cross where TCA acid is only put into the ice pick scar.

I suffer from deep boxscars on both my cheeks and with failed other attempts I am hoping the dermastamp will make a difference.

What length of needle are you using? I have purchased the 2mm dermastamp and trying to combine it with suction. If your scars are shallow you dont need it that deep.

As for wrinkles its best to use a dermaroller but to be honest I dont see any problem in you using the dermastamp its roughly the same thing.
Title: Re: instructions for dermastamp
Post by: lagale on September 01, 2012, 04:13:28 PM
Mine are not icepick, my scars are superficial.  A doctor recommended the lasar CO2 for actual tightening of my skin where she said it would be a big improvement but I'm trying to stay away from that, at least for now.  The first time I used the single needle 1.5, I know it's probably too soon, but it seemed to help.  Mine don't show much from photos but I'll try to get a close up and see what is best to be used.  I did buy the dermaroller but haven't used it yet.
Title: Re: instructions for dermastamp
Post by: SarahVaughter on September 03, 2012, 05:54:14 PM
A dermastamp is actually suitable for any type of scars (both indented and raised) as long as the area is not extensively large so that stamping is doable. In many cases, the scar will improve in its appearance and becomes less visible.

Why needling, stamping or rolling helps with scars:

Stamp the same scar 6-8 times. You should get about 250 pricks per cm2 (1500 pricks per square inch). Our small dermastamp has 35 needles. If you heal well, you can stamp slightly more densely the next time, especially if you have seriously deep scars. You have to experiment.

Yes, a dermastamp is effective for lip lines (use a 1.5 mm stamp with 35 needles) and easy to maneuver in the area around the lips. The area around the lips is very sensitive and you will likely need a numbing cream.