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We started to receive some positive feedback on our "special" vitamin A & D ointment Infadolan. (Read about Infadolan's ingredients in our web store). I tried to find another one that mentioned how there was absolutely no irritation but instead a cool, soothing feeling, but I couldn't find it in my inbox any more.

   Hi Sarah,


  I received my Dermaroller in January and have used it once.  I'm looking forward to seeing results, with continued use and time.


  I had to write to you today, to share a big *WOW* about something unexpected - the Infadolan cream. After just one use, I noticed that my undereye lines and creases were markedly improved.  


  I'm in my early 40s with fair and very dry skin.  I think my skin is in good condition overall.  (Eye lines and crosshatched skin when smiling are the only trouble spots.)  I've never found a product that works half as well as the Infadolan. Now I used it at night on a regular basis and each morning I awaken to smooth, youthful skin in the undereye area.


  Thank you so much for this unexpected discovery.


  PS - I'm very happy with the Dermaroller, too.  :)

   That's great to hear!

  You should benefit from the vit. A at the very least.

  Do you run into issues with greasiness?

    >It is greasy, but I don't use much and I only apply it at night, so it is not a problem.  And when I weigh the greasiness against the positive effects, it is so worth using!!  

>In the states, emu oil is all the rage.  I tried it last year and it was at least as oil as the Infadolan.  Emu didn't seem to sink into my skin, though, and I didn't notice

>any improvement from it.

>I hadn't expected the Infadolan to make any visible difference.  I checked some of the skincare forums on the web (which is how I found you) and none of them had any comments

>like what I have experienced.  

>I'm going to have my mom use it next.  : )

>Thanks again from a very grateful customer.

H.B. from the UK emailed us this on March 11, 2010:


   >I was very impressed with the infadolan ointment, and your sensible consiseration of an alchohol/irritant/paraben free ointment.

>I previously had dermaroller treatment from a professional who gave me Chiroxy cream to apply afterwards.

>This left my skin dry/irritated and peeling.  The infadolan is soothing and I had no peeling at all after my second dermaroll.

Just to add, I really am very impressed as well with the Infadolan. I kept things very slow in healing my scars post-needling, using Infadolan throughout with nothing else. It is amazing that it did nothing to irritate my skin, considering that I was just relieved of acne half a year ago.

I've just used it since January, but if there are any changes, I will be sure to post!


Hi Sarah, I just wanted to let you know that just over a week ago I had my face resurfaced by Fractional CO2 Laser. Basically the laser uses the same principle as needling but with added heat. After the procedure patients are asked to use vaseline or a similar product to ensure the skin stays very moist.  Instead of Vaseline I used the Infadolan I got with my dermaroller kit and I healed beautifully.  The ointment was very cooling and because of it's oily consistency it stopped my skin from feeling tight which is a common side effect of laser.  So thanks  I am very impressed with this product.


I used infdolan after rolling my whole face and I absolutely loved it! It felt soo soothing to my skin and it didn't sting or anything. Also so far no breakouts at all even though I'm acne prone plus it made the redness after rolling subside really quick. Great stuff, thanks Sarah!

after reading the testimonial about the eye wrinkles I decided to try it there too and um yeah I'm pretty shocked that my fine lines around my eyes are now nonexistent after only using it there twice.Wow after how much $ I've spent on eye creams to think lanolin would do the job. THANK YOU Sarah.


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