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Why Infadolan works on wrinkles:

Dear Sarah, thanks so much for your Infadolan!  I received it a few weeks ago, and I will not leave home without using it on the backs of my hands.  Such a HUGE difference!  I noticed something today that made me laugh a little:   I went to the grocery store, and the bag person handed me the first bag of groceries at the counter.  When I reached for it with my left hand, I noticed that it looked years younger than it usually does!  I found that so awesome that I reached for the second bag with my OTHER hand just to peek at it, and it too looked great!  Goofy, I know, but I was excited!  My hands actually looked older than my own 78 year old mother's, until now.  Oh, and it does wonders for the neck, too.  I have crepey skin on my neck even at 48 years old, because of deep sun worship until  I was thirty.  The infadolan wipes that out almost completely.  I carry some in my purse for occasional re-application if needed during the day, which is usually not necessary.
Thanks, again, Sarah!  I really think you are the world's leading expert on microneedling, and related skin products.  I mean that sincerely.  No one knows or cares about micro-needling like you do.  God bless you for sharing with us.


Thank you very much for sharing your experience, and the compliments! I also use Infadolan on the back of my hands daily. It is too oily to apply it on the face daily but it is excellent for areas with dry skin, such as around the eyes, on the lips, the back of hands, on the neck, elbows, foot heals etc.  Applying just a little is sufficient.

Infadolan is an excellent moisturizer. It forms a film on the skin that prevents the evaporation of water and makes wrinkles less visible. The vitamins it contains may even have some permanent effect on the wrinkles if used long-term.

It does not contain a sunscreen so apply it on top of your sunscreen lotion.

I use the infadolan as a study showed that water evaporates from the skin more quickly immediately after dermarolling. I mix argan oil with it too before apgplying to the dermarolled skin. I'm scared though that the wax from the infadolan as well as the good stuff will sink in,  as the skin is open straight after dermarolling isn't it?. Do you have any input? Thanks.

Don't worry. Infadolan is semi-occlusive. The wax will stay on the surface and form a barrier that will prevent water evaporation. It is not going to sink in, not even after microneedling. It is intended for skin with an impaired barrier due to burns, eczemas, diaper rash, non-infected injuries, decubitus ulcers etc. It helps re-epithelialization.


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