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Author Topic: Hypopigmented post-tattoo removal scars  (Read 7748 times)


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Hypopigmented post-tattoo removal scars
« on: July 28, 2011, 05:13:55 AM »
Hi there,

I have quite a big scar on my lower back. I had a tattoo done there around 5 years ago, and after one year started to have it removed using laser removal. However, although the tattoo ink is mostly gone, I have scarring. It is generally flat, although a couple of areas are slightly raised. The main issue though is hypopigmentation. I basically have the tattoo but in white on my skin and I need to do something to re-pigment the tissue. Do you think dermarolling could help, and not cause further damage? If so, please could you recommend the needle depth needed etc.

I did see a dermatologist who had said that it “isn’t that bad just leave it alone”, but I do not agree and want to try to sort this out. I was considering getting a second opinion regarding possible surgical removal, but I would like to see if there are less invasive options that may have a positive effect.

Thanks in advance.


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Hypopigmented post-tattoo removal scars
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2011, 02:51:09 PM »
Dermarolling often triggers melanocytes (pigment producing cells) or "wakes up" existing dormant melanocytes. In some cases the color turns completely back to normal and in some cases the color improves but the scars remain still lighter than the surrounding skin.


  Tattoos are placed quite deep in the skin - into the dermis. The dermis has an extremely slow turnover/renewal rate. More details here:


The extremely slow turnover of the cells in the dermis is the reason why a tattoo in the deep dermis (>1 mm) lasts a lifetime. Tattoos slightly lighten over the years but the pigment stays for dozens of years. Permanent make-up is not inserted so deep so it lasts long but not as long as a tattoo.    

  Laser removal: The pigmentation laser targets the pigment. The pigment absorbs the light from the laser. This heats the pigment up and breaks it down. The heat from the laser can leave you with a scar and hypo- or hyperpigmentation by partially destroying the epidermis as collateral damage.

You may never be able to get the color completely back to normal. Dermarolling or needling will very likely improve the color.


You cannot reach the lower back with the single needle or a dermastamp.

Depending how wide is your scar, buy either a 1.5 mm ONE LINER:


  ..or a 1.5 mm narrow roller (three-liner).

  Let us know how it goes.
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Hypopigmented post-tattoo removal scars
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2011, 07:56:46 AM »
Thanks Sarah for your comprehensive reply. I will look into ordering soon