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Author Topic: Hypopigmentation from laser and stretch marks on calf  (Read 3676 times)


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Hypopigmentation from laser and stretch marks on calf
« on: November 01, 2012, 09:09:26 AM »
I've been looking at posts on this forum. Very encouraging, thank you.

I have black skin. I did laser treatments to treat stretch marks on my calves. I ended up with hypopigmented areas which are quite bad - I haven't been able to expose my legs for two years. Plus the stretch marks are still there. The hypopigmented area is mixed in with some normal skin and also hyper pigmentation around the edges. I've tried everything. ReCell was expensive and didn't work. I started dermarolling at a clinic over the summer. Result after first roller treatment was amazing for the hypopigmentation. But I have done two more treatments and the rate of improvement appears to be slower and not much different. How long do you think I need to use dermaroller for complete pigment restoration?

I've done 3 dermaroller treatments 6 weeks apart now. I feel like I'm a long way away.Also do I need to be using a dermastamp? For the stretch marks? How do I treat the hyper pigmentation at the same time? I'm already using tretinoin -the skin peels a bit. Also just after rolling the area goes darker for a little bit, then the skin peels and underneath it is lighter which is worrying as I need the pigmentation to come back! My legs are a right mess. I need to treat the hypopigmentation, the stretchmarks AND the hyper pigmentation. What regime would you suggest - what products, how frequently and how long do u think it will take to heal. It's been really depressing. Dermaroller is the only thing that has shown any type of improvement so I'm hoping its just a patience game.

Thank you!


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Re: Hypopigmentation from laser and stretch marks on calf
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2012, 11:52:44 AM »
I cannot promise you a complete restoration of the pigment. Lasers work by heating up the skin and that sometimes results in destroyed or impaired function of melanocytes (pigment producing cells).

I recommend you a regular 0.5 mm dermaroller (roll up to three times a week). If you feel that your hyperpigmented edges are getting worse after dermarolling  (temporary redness or darker skin is normal), buy a 1 mm dermastamp and stamp only the depigmented skin (do not touch the hyperpigmented edges).

Concerning the stretch marks, if you do not have way too many, you should buy our single needle (we soon have them in stock) and needle only the stretch marks.

When the skin is healed from microneedling, expose your hypopigmentation to the sun because melanin is produced as a reaction to UV (provided there are melanocyte cells in the area to produce it). When you are going to tan your hypopigmented areas, apply a high factor UV cream just to your hyperpigmetnation. You can apply it for example with a small cosmetic brush or use those cotton sticks that are sold to clean ears. Or buy a baby diaper rash cream containing zinc oxide and apply a lot to the hyperpigmented areas prior to the sun exposure. Zinc oxide reflects the UV. Your hypopigmentation needs sun and your hyperpigmentation must be protected from the sun. I know it is not easy..

For the hyperpigmentaion, continue with Tretinoin.
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