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Evenly Spread Acne Scars - enormous improvement

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Hi Sarah,

I am a 28 year old Hispanic Male who has several acne scars from my teenage years of severe acne...My Acne is under control right now and has been for the past 6 years (except for blackheads on my nose).  I've been using a 2.0 dermaroller with Emla cream for three sessions already (5 weeks apart between sessions).  For the first session, I had no pre-treatment or after care (for example infadolin, Vit C, Copper Peptide).  after the second session, I used Infadolin for two days (as my skin is oily) and copper peptides.  I just did my third session  and I used the Vitamin C serum that I made from your webshop for three days, rolled with my 2.0 dermaroller and used my 2.0 dermastamp on deep wrinkles and deep scars. and afterwards applied the copper peptide mask and about half an hour later, applied infadolin.  Pretty much my face is evenly distributed when it comes to acne scars, to the point where my skin even looks scaly like a snake. 

For the first two sessions, i was smoking heavily but I stopped smoking two weeks prior to this third dermarolling session to see if that made a difference.  I haven' noticed much of a difference (except more even skin tone) and I dont know if there's anything else that I should be doing  I take Vitamin C orally every day now for the past couple of weeks in hope that it will help. 

Although I have very oily skin, I don't have much acne (besides Blackheads).  How long should I use the infadolin after the dermaroller?  2 days? 4? 6? More?

Does smoking have a direct relation with the dermarolling? I've read somewhere that it can slow down the healing process.  Is there anything else you'd suggest? Or should I continue waiting for good results? Thank you.

Continue with your 2 mm dermaroller sessions and add the suctioning:


Smoking has a negative effect on skin collagen so try to reduce it as much as possible.  

  In the future, you can also try a 1.5 or 2 mm dermastamp.

Thank you for your response.  I haven't smoked in a couple of weeks and I've just purchased some facial cupping products for the suctioning which I am very enthusiastic about, especially after reading your forum thread on suctioning.  Would you recommend that instead of the dermaroller, that I use my 2.0 dermastamp all over my face?  I know it will be a much longer process but I actually prefer the dermastamp over the roller.  I find it much less uncomfortable stamping and definitely less painful.  I will post pics and post more about my suctioning products when it arrives. Thank you again for your

Both a 2 mm roller and a 2 mm dermastamp are effective for deep scars. A dermastamp is perhaps less painful (it has less needles) but much more laborious. You can combine the two in one session. Roll over the whole area with your roller and then stamp the deepest scars with either a 1.5 or a 2 mm dermastamp. A day or two later, start the suctioning.


  You can also use just the dermastamp if you prefer.

Thank you for all of your help.  I've been suctioning for the past two days and I absolutely love the plumpness of my skin afterwards.  When I woke up this morning I was in sort of a shock at the way my skin looked.  I am very optimstic about it.  Also, I just purchased some single needles from your webstore and I wanted to know if you think it's worth needling all the ice pick scars close to my nose in the above picture?  I'm not even sure if they are ice pick scars or enlarged pores. I also purchased retin A from your webshop.  I am very excited about everything.


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