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Author Topic: desperate!! sagging skin after baby  (Read 3562 times)

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desperate!! sagging skin after baby
« on: August 18, 2012, 03:29:04 PM »
Hey everyone!

I'm looking for a solution to my sagging abdomen and stretchmarks after I had my baby 9 months ago. I just don't seem to be snapping back, and derma rolling seems to be something that may just help me.

I'm just wondering what size needle, what routine, what topical agents to apply afterwards etc, if it hurts, if its safe! what to expect and how long it will take to see improvemennts.

I've attatched a pic (please don't be sick!!) As you can see, my loose skin seems to be more of a problem because myy stretch marks aren't that visible, just causing dimply uneven tone in my skin.

I'm 22 and very depressed over it. Thanks guys !


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Re: desperate!! sagging skin after baby
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2012, 06:39:30 PM »
I understand your distress but there is actually nothing exceptionally bad about your post pregnancy abdomen. Many women end up with an abdomen like this or much worse.

From our experience, the best results for sagging skin is a combination of a short needled dermaroller (to speed up the turnover of the skin) and a long needled dermaroller ( to trigger collagen).

Start rolling your abdomen with a regular 1.5 mm dermaroller (roll very densely every three weeks) and a 0.5 mm dermaroller (roll up to three times a week).

If you are not breastfeeding or pregnant or planning the pregnancy, you can apply our Tretinoin cream to your stretchmarks right after dermarolling:

Keep the rolled skin moisturized (for example with almond oil or some other oil).

Most of your other questions are answered in our instructions:

Dermarolling can improve sagging skin but if you feel that your abdomen is significantly bulging, dermarolling cannot fix it.  Such a bulging abdomen after pregnancy is often due to the abdominal muscles not having gone fully back to their original position – this can only be fixed by a tummy tuck (exercise will not help either in this case).
My comments should not be considered medical advice.

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