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Author Topic: For stomach stretch marks - do I need to see lots of bloody pinpricks or does red skin mean I have rolled deep enough?  (Read 3790 times)


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I have stretch marks on my tummy from when I was pregnant. I bought a 1.5mm roller and just did the rolling protocol. My stomach is very red now and I have a few pinpricks of blood. I am just wondering whether I did it right? Does my whole tummy need to be full of bloody pinpricks i.e. does the skin need to be noticeably pricked/bloody or will the needles penetrate deep enough even if most of the skin does not draw blood? The whole area that I have rolled is sunburnt red but there are only a few pricks of blood.

I am going to roll again in about 6 weeks time.

Also, I am using surgical spirit to clean the roller - this has ethanol and methonol only. Hope this is ok?



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No, your skin doesn't need to be covered in pinpoint bleeding. Not at all.

 A 1.5 mm dermaroller definitely reaches the dermis part of skin and that is all you need.

The skin got red, which is a sign of triggered inflammation, so everything works as it should. The dermis has an irregular web of very small capillary veins and you might see some occasional pinpoint bleeding but there is no need to get more than occasional pinpoint bleeding (or none at all). You caused micro-damage to your skin through pricking the skin. Your body "noticed" that damage and initiated repairing mechanisms to fix it. Inflammation is the first step of the repairing cascade. Hopefully, every time when your body fixes the micro-damage, the stretch marks will slightly improve in their appearance.

It will be a long process so be patient and be realistic. Do not expect the stretch marks to completely disappear. That is unrealistic. However, it is realistic to get a noticeable, significant improvement in their appearance - many of our customers achieved it. Some did not, or the improvement was very small.  


  Yes, a mixture if ethanol and methanol is very suitable to clean the dermarollers.
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