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Author Topic: Dermarolling for loose skin (especially post-partum tummy skin)?  (Read 5332 times)


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I read in one of the pdf's or somewhere on your site that dermarolling can also greatly improve the appearance of loose skin (I assume you also mean wrinkly post-partum tummy skin)? I would like to know more about this. Since having my second child 8 months ago I have a lot of loose skin on my tummy and although I have stretch marks, I feel that the loose skin is the factor that gives my tummy the "old lady skin". How does dermarolling improve loose skin?



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Dermarolling for loose skin (especially post-partum tummy skin)?
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Yes, it can improve loose skin to a certain extent, including post-partum skin but not if there is a lot of excessive skin. It can improve the texture of the skin - the skin will slightly tighten but it cannot remove lots of excessive skin. You should definitely try to roll densely with a 1.5 mm dermaroller on your tummy every three weeks.  Also, dry-brush the skin on the tummy as explained in our dermarolling instructions and use the A-Ret gel. Tone your muscles with exercises if you find the time for it.


  Dermarolling will improve the skin by triggering the formation of new collagen and elastin.

  If you have a significant amount of excessive skin or "dislocated" muscles (this sometimes happens after pregnancy and cannot be fixed by exercising), you need to have a tummy tuck.
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