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Author Topic: Combining dermarolling (long needles) and single needle treatments  (Read 3331 times)


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Hi Sarah,

I'm currently using a 1,5mm dermaroller and single needles to treat some mild-moderate, mainly ice pick, acne scaring (they are not that deep, only densely dispersed, like pores). I'm not quite sure about the best way to combine these.

Consistently with your advise, I would like to treat only about a square inch* of icepick scars per session with the single needle technique, because (1) my face is not full of red spots/swelling and (2) single needling is quite (concentration) intense; I wouldn't want to spend more then 15 mins or so per session. I thought of single needling a different square inch every week, not coming across the same area more then once every 5-6 weeks. If I would needle only 2-3 scars every a day it would take ages and a lot of preparations concerning disinfection etc. After all, I think it wouldn't make a difference if you did 2-3 scars a day or 7 * 2-3 at once every week.

Secondly, I planned to roll my entire face with the 1,5 dermaroller about once every 4-6 weeks.

When searching your forum I found a few posts regarding combining single needling and rolling;

(...) You do not have to insert the full length of the needle but do needle densely. Crush the hardened collagen - this will soften the scar. You should get some pinpoint bleeding. Our needles are approx. 2 mm long, which is enough even for very deep scars. Remodeling of a needled scar takes a long time. Do not get prematurely discouraged. Do not needle the same scar more than once a month. You can needle every day but do a different scar each day. Once a month, roll the entire area with a 1.5 mm dermaroller.

And a few more posts that encourage to combine frequent single needling (constantly cycling places) and rolling the whole area -as usual-  once a month.

However, I then thought this clashes with your advise not to roll/prick the same area with long needles more then once every month. As in my case, I would roll the entire face once a month (1.5mm), but next to that I would single needle small patches within that area every week (again: of course a different patch every week so I wouldn't single needle them more then once every 5-6 weeks).  Do you think this is ok? Or do you propose a different strategy?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

*I'm from continental Europe, so for clarification; I mean something between 1x1cm and 2x2cm per session.


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Combining dermarolling (long needles) and single needle treatments
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I know what you mean.


  When you will have completed the needling of all your scars, give your skin a break for two weeks before you start another cycle of rolling and needling.

  The regimen is OK like this.


  It is much better to needle every now and then a small part of the face but needle it densely and thoroughly. It is not realistic to needle all scars in one session if one has a lot of scars, stretch marks etc.
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