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Author Topic: Can a .25mm dermaroller be used after a 1.5mm on the face for product penetration and if yes, starting when?  (Read 4298 times)


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Hi, I received your 1.5mm and narrow .5mm dermaroller and rolled my face last night with the 1.5 and then around my eyes with the .5.  Your instructions I received in the print version and from this forum have been invaluable. I have several questions:

1) Since I used the .5mm immediately around my eyes - after pulling the skin on top of the bone - can I roll in this area more often than once per month?

2) Can I roll on top of my face where I used the 1.5mm with a .25mm for product penetration during the month? If yes, when could I start doing this - how many days do I need to let my face heal first from the 1.5mm dermarolling before using a .25mm or .20mm roller?

3) I received a copper peptide mask - how long do I leave the mask on my face before removing it? If I use the mask at night, so I leve the product on over night after removing the mask and apply the Infadolan ointment over the top?

Thanks so much for all your help. This is an awesome forum.


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0.5 mm can be used up to three times a week on the same skin area.

  Yes, you can roll for product penetation in between the deep rolls. I would say wait five days or at least until the redness is completely gone.

Do not forget to apply the vit. C serum just after rolling (if it stings too much, add more water). Vit. C serum doesn't penetrate easily into the skin so   applying it after rolling will ensure maximum penetration.

  The mask should stay for 10 to 15 minutes but do not wash the residue off your face. Wash your face after dermarolling before you apply the mask.

  You can either apply a little Infadolan over the product or apply Infadolan the morning after to keep it moist. The mask it quite moisturizing so you can apply Infadolan later.
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