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6 month update, great improvement with suctioning method for acne scars

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Hello all, just wanted to post an update. I have been stamping with the 1.5 mm and 2mm single needle for 6 months. I have been also combing that with the Suctioning method for the past 3 months. My expectations have been realistic and I am glad to report at least 25% improvement. I know its not much but it is something! I noticed my scars are not as sharp amd jagged at the edges and they are smoother. Not completely filled in but little by little appears to be. I have been taking the vitamin c orally for the past 4 months and use Retin A 0.025 every night. My friends and family say they see improvement! Even my dermatologist is curious with the turnout. All the best to those doing the derma needling and hang in there!


Some more  pics (other side)

Wow Mila. That is way more than a 25% improvement. It looks more like 70% to me. Those are fantastic results.  Keep it up and they'll soon be hardly noticeable at all. 

Absolutely fantastic, Mila!!

We know it is not easy to regularly keep taking photographs (especially not because they all have to be sharp, high-resolution, well-lighted and from the same angle) and then to publish them online for everyone to see, so I am extremely grateful that you came forward to show your progress.

Therefore, because this kind of long-term, high-quality feedback is so important to us (and to give credibility to the entire concept of dermaneedling), please email me ( because we think a reward is in order. We will send you some products of your choice.

Would you mind if we watermarked your pictures so that unethical competitors of ours can't put them all over the internet and claim that it's from their clinic/products?

It would be very interesting to get all the information on your exact "protocol" as well, so that we can learn from it and perhaps update our instructions (we're working on providing expanded guidelines and suggested schedules for product application/combination).

Thank you again for this great news.

Mila emailed me her protocol, reproduced below.
She used our single needles (previous, sold-out model) but we will get improved single needles soon, we think well before Christmas 2012.

I would be glad to share my protocol.

Really, from the beginning I followed the instructions totally. I am 21 years old. I have the rolling and boxcar scars on my cheeks.

I also have an old surgical scar on my forehead from when I was 3 years old from an injury.

My tactic is I single needle all the bigger scars (this takes some time since there are a lot) and then after that I stamp that same area 5 or 6 times.

For the first 3 months I used the 1.5mm stamp, afterward but moved on to the 2mm stamp. I just use ice for numbing, but have high tolerance for pain, apparently. I noticed my skin is very tough so I push the needles in all the way and always needle very densely and from all angles. The very next day I use the suction pump on all the spots I stamped and do that everyday for 1 week, then every other day the next week.

I suction to the point where the skin elevates and gets bruising but this always subsides. I also go back to using the retin a every night the very next night after stamping. I've also been taking the vitamin c orally for the past few months as I mentioned. I stamp every 5 weeks. No problems so far. Thats it! I'm not expecting perfection, but am curious to see my progress another 6 months later.

I brought a pump off ebay, but it appears to have lost some 'umph.' I was planning on purchasing the one you sell, so that would be great! Thanks goes to kind hearted ones like yourself who offer practical and frank supplies, and information. It's said often but really you are the best supplier out there!


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