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Author Topic: "Inhibitory effects of vitamin E on collagen synthesis and wound repair" ?  (Read 3595 times)


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Hi Sarah.

I recently purchased a (natural) vitamin E oil-an unrefined wheat germ oil advertised as an vitamin E liquid supplement.

Reading many of your posts and articles linking to scientific literature; I know that vitamin A, aswell as C are key players in collagen synthesis (I do use retin a 0.025% & vitamin c powder in my regime). Also, from reading various articles on the internet vitamin E seemed to aid in wound healing.

I last dermarolled and stamped this Tuesday evening and decided to apply my vitamin E oil right after I needled (I usually use Infadolan, but that night I had very little to cover what I had needled).

Last night however, I came across this article titled: "Inhibitory effects of vitamin E on collagen synthesis and wound repair" :

Now I'm not too sure what to make of all this. :-\ I'm thinking perhaps I shouldn't have applied the vitamin E oil right after I needled because it potentially could have had an anti inflammatory effect...and thus affected potential healing i.e the inflammation to activate collagen synthesis (although I'm aware collagen takes time to build up).

I know the above article is just one of its kind, so I was hoping for your input seeing as you maybe have access to several scientific literature stating a different view on this.

So my question is:
1) Does vitamin E (oil) have a place in dermaneedling?

2) Should I stop applying and orally supplementing with my vitamin E oil, incase it does affect collagen synthesis

3) Seeing as vitamin E is vital to human health, should I not apply my topical vitamin E oil for several days after I've dermaneedled but begin several days after, once the initial healing has taken place?



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Hi Not Sarah here, but I hope you don't mind my reply.

Here is what I found that may answer your question about vitamin E and other anti-inflammatory substances. See Sarah's second reply to the following link:


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I have mentioned it here:

..but this whole subject is very complex and there should be no simplistic conclusions drawn from it. So far, none of our customers who do use vit. E after dermarolling reported any problems.

Currently, I do not have time to research the subject int-depth but when I have time, I will look into it.
My comments should not be considered medical advice.

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