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Author Topic: "fresh" new boxcar acne scar-can I derma roll?  (Read 2194 times)


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"fresh" new boxcar acne scar-can I derma roll?
« on: February 10, 2013, 01:57:37 AM »
I found your website and was extremely impressed with your depth of knowledge on many subjects. I am terribly sorry you had to deal with Lyme disease, I am currently struggling through that myself (the neurological is the worst part of it). It is something you must learn about in order to get better, so I commend you for putting some of this info on your site.

In addition to Lyme, I am dealing with a very noticeable recent scar on the cheek on my face. I no longer have a scab on my face (I half picked it off and then the rest kind of came off on it's own), so now I am left with a pink/almost red shiny indent that will not scab over again. However, the skin is still a bit raw and I am eager to help it heal as soon as possible. Is there something you would recommend for fresh scars like this? Could I start derma rolling and single needling or do I need to wait until the skin isn't as fresh? Could I also start using A-Retin and some of your other products as well? I am struggling to find a protocol.

(p.s. I have already taken a before picture to post on this forum so that I can put an after if your advice works!! Any advice appreciated! I am desperate! Thank you!!) I look forward to purchasing some of your impressive products! (I also have struggled with milia-tiny bumps, on my forehead for many years. I am hoping the derma roller would be able to help with that as well!!)


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Re: "fresh" new boxcar acne scar-can I derma roll?
« Reply #1 on: February 12, 2013, 08:31:58 AM »
Thank you!

I have some exciting news to announce in the medium-near future about a possible cure for chronic Lyme disease. It is a based on a special delivery mechanism for antibiotics, using nanotechnology that allows the blood-brain-barrier to be penetrated so it's not something we can sell in a webstore, but we may partner with a production lab and a MD in the not so far future. We're going to produce this (oral) antibiotic in our own lab, I will take it and if I get cured or see strong improvement, we will see whether we can get a production licence and distribution network to Lyme clinics worldwide set up. This is real, cutting-edge nanotech science based on the latest medical studies, published in the peer-reviewed journals, this has nothing to do with a "protocol" or quackery. So there finally may be a glimmer of hope. The rat studies on BBB-penetration of abx. using this delivery method are extremely promising. More about this later in a featured article under "Lyme" on my site.

Never pick off a scab, if you remove it prematurely, it can leave a scar. Scabs must be left until they are "ripe" and fall of by themselves.

You should wait longer (at least six weeks from now) before you start microneedlling the scar because it may still improve by itself, especially because you removed the scabs prematurely.

Milia consist of keratin - the skin's hardest protein that makes the outer skin layer so tough. Hooves and nails are also made of keratin.

You can pierce a milium with the single needle (start with making one or two pricks into it - it should be enough) and extracting the entrapped keratin by very gently pushing it out with two paperclips.

Salicylic acid has a keratolytic effect (softens keratin) - it would also be useful.
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